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Having spent a career in I.T progressing through the ranks from an engineer to managing a large team of technical experts in Hewlett Packard's Global Deployment Group and then the Technical Services Group, I am well placed to understand the I.T market place from contracts to suppliers to the myriad of services available as well the ever-confusing tech-speak. If your business is looking to improve or overhaul its existing I.T infrastructure then don't be blindsided into spending more money than you need to. I can help your business with:
- Understanding what is needed 
- Setting targets around speed, security and scalability of systems
- Evaluating potential suppliers
- Overseeing contract negotiations 
- Overseeing the project plan creation and implementation
- Making sure all work is done on time, within spec and within budget
My services are ideal for small businesses without dedicated I.T staff who are struggling to know where to go to to improve their I.T services, or are not sure if they are paying too much money for what they have. 
Contact me to find out more. My services are available for Melbourne Metro only unless client is willing to pay for interstate travel expenses.
For reference on my work: feel free to contact Terry Randall, Managing Director of FSM (Food Services Machinery) trandall@fsm-pl.com.au
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